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Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Do I receive a paper ticket when I book for events? – It depends on the organiser and event. Conway Hall tends to use Eventbrite and TicketTailor for most of its events. So an e-ticket will normally be emailed to you. You do not have to print this e-ticket out. We’d prefer it if you didn’t, as it’s a waste of paper.
        You’ll only need to show the ticket on entry from your phone or other device. Failing that, we will also have a list of names on the door, so can check the person who bought the tickets off this list. For the Thinking on Sunday lectures and Sunday Concerts, we use TicketTailor, you can download or print a ticket at home and take it to the event with you. Our volunteer on the door will then be able to give you entry. The Sunday volunteers do not have access to any online lists, so in this case you will have to show proof of receipt for entry. If it’s a hirer’s event, you’ll have to contact them directly for their entry requirements.
      2. I haven’t received any confirmation or a ticket via email. What do I do now? – In all the instances over the past four years we’ve been using our online ticketing system, the reason for non-arrival of confirmation is always a typo in the email address. The only way we can check and amend it is for you to get in contact with the organiser using the contact form on the ticketing site, and we/or they’ll amend the email and resend the confirmation. If you use the contact form on our website, please make sure you state which event and which date it’s on, along with your name and email address. We host over 2,500 events here, so giving us more information is much better than less. We usually tend to get back within a few hours during the week, and you’ll have to wait longer at the weekends, as there’s no one in the office until Monday.

      3. Is there a cash-point at Conway Hall? – No there is not. The nearest cash-points are on the corner of Red Lion Street and Theobalds Road (which charges a fee for withdrawals), The Dry Cleaning Company at 52 Red Lion Street which does not charge a fee. A Barclays Bank “Hole in the Wall” on Theobalds Road, or failing that, High Holborn has plenty of cash points. Our cafe and events can usually take cards. Check with the organisers directly to confirm.

      4. Do you have free Wi-Fi at Conway Hall? – Yes! The network is called “Conway Hall” and you will need to open a browser (or follow the prompt screens) on your device or computer if its Windows, or Follow the instructions in the pop-up window on your device, then agree to our terms & conditions before connecting to the internet.

      5. Do you have a lift or escalator to get to the other floors and library at Conway Hall? – Unfortunately we do not. The building was built in 1929 and is Grade II listed. However, the ground floor is accessible (Main hall, Brockway Room and Bertrand Russell room), and there’s also an accessible toilet on the ground floor. If you are arriving in a wheelchair, please contact the organiser in advance, as they will be able to reserve seating for yourself and if needed, a carer.

      6. I’m hard of hearing, do you have a loop fitted in all your rooms? – We have induction loops in the Main Hall and the Brockway Room. You will need to turn your aid to the T setting to use it. The other rooms do not have loops, but we do have a portable loop available for hire for other rooms. If you do need special arrangements, please do contact us and we can see what we can do.

      7. I’ve just joined as a member of the Society, is there anything else I need to do regarding my membership? – Thank you for joining and supporting Conway Hall Ethical Society. You will be added to our general and membership mailing lists, so if you’re receiving those emails, you can be sure that we’ve received your application and your name has been added to the list. You will receive an email confirmation and membership card in the post shortly afterwards.

      8. I’m holding an event at Conway Hall. How do I get my event listed on your website?  – You’ll have to ask the Venue Hire team to email you a listing form which is then sent to our marketing dept. If it fits in with our aim and you’ve sent all the necessary details we will then list the completed event onto our website.

      9. How do you recycle your waste? – We use Paper Round who recycle our waste, including paper, card, plastics, electrical equipment, toners, batteries and food waste, so nothing goes to landfill.

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