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October 2017

Through four different and thought provoking events the speakers and those attending the symposium will take part in a deep reflection on the meaning of the Institute’s work and history. Situated at its heart is the work to catalogue the Institute’s archive, what it means for this unique document of social history to be made publicly available for society at large and those of us working as Tavistock practitioners today. 

Sun, 9th Jul, 2017
Being the Story
Friday 20th October

 Being the Story is a one-day immersive storytelling event featuring the powerful stories of inspirational individuals

Tue, 11th Jul, 2017

In this hands on two day workshop you will produce a collection of photographs and develop and/or deepen an understanding of your artistic practice.

Tue, 12th Sep, 2017
Jayson Gillham
Saturday 21st October

Romantic Bach – from intimate to epic on the modern piano

A selection of Bach originals and transcriptions from organ, violin and cantata by Jayson Gillham

Mon, 25th Sep, 2017

Does the phrase ‘uncontrolled EU migration’ sound familiar to you? But what exactly was said about EU migration during the campaign? Who spoke about EU migrants in the UK? Who was given as an example of ‘EU migrant’? Was there a balanced debate on EU migration, with equally strong positive and negative cases made in this respect?

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

Where are you from? This is a question many of us were asked at some point in our lives. The majority of people tend to answer this by giving the name of a country, for example, ‘I am from the UK’. Others are more specific, preferring to identify with a region or a city – ‘I am a Londoner’. Some feel strongly about their parents’ country of origin, others only consider their own country of birth.

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

The Legacies of British Slave-ownership project traced the contentious lives and legacies those slave-owners who lived close to the newly-founded UCL and was first shown at UCL to mark Black History Month 2011.

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

Using Gandhi’s teachings as inspiration, what is the meaning of nonviolence as a form of political action and how does it work? Dr Shahrar Ali characterises and assesses what is as much of a legitimate question of our times as it was in his day. He will also explore the question of whether violence can coexist with nonviolence as part of an all-embracing account of political action.

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

Barristers Kathryn Cronin and Louise Hooper of Garden Court Chambers discuss slavery in Britain today.

Who are the victims, where do they come from, how are they recognised and what are we doing about it?

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

The fiercely free-thinking Annie Besant and Gandhi admired each other hugely, but they disagreed about how to achieve Independence for India. In this short play Annie is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her fellow trailblazer…

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

In this India-UK year of culture, how is changing India reflected in journalism, arts and performance based collaborative projects?

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

This in-the-round event brings together four speakers to ask each other how they perceive the United (or Disunited) Kingdom. Each speaker will have an association with either England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and each will have varying specialisms. They will bring to the conversation a variety of constitutional standpoints.

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

Black Consciousness feminist cultural producer Simmi Dullay, PhD researchers Oana Pârvan (Goldsmiths) and Gitanjali Pyndiah (Goldsmiths) with Nydia Swaby (SOAS) bring their art praxis and  research to discuss the commonality and differences in knowledge production of the global South, decolonization and the presence of the colonial knowledge systems inherited as residues of 500 years of European colonization.

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

Questions related to independence in the broad context of employment and entrepreneurship are amongst some of the most pertinent faced by individuals, families, academics, business leaders and policy makers today. As more research in this area is conducted, more debates held, and more reports published, it can seem as though…

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

South Asia, Canada, Russia, Finland. A snapshot of four very different areas of the world – each with a significant anniversary this year.  Four specialists discuss a burning issue.  Framed, introduced and Chaired by Dr Subir Sinha (SOAS) with thoughts of South Asia – Gandhi’s truth and the new post-truth…

Thu, 7th Sep, 2017
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