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Does the phrase ‘uncontrolled EU migration’ sound familiar to you? But what exactly was said about EU migration during the campaign? Who spoke about EU migrants in the UK? Who was given as an example of ‘EU migrant’? Was there a balanced debate on EU migration, with equally strong positive and negative cases made in this respect?
Thu, 7th Sep, 2017
Where are you from? This is a question many of us were asked at some point in our lives. The majority of people tend to answer this by giving the name of a country, for example, ‘I am from the UK’. Others are more specific, preferring to identify with a region or a city – ‘I am a Londoner’. Some feel strongly about their parents’ country of origin, others only consider their own country of birth.
Thu, 7th Sep, 2017
Using Gandhi’s teachings as inspiration, what is the meaning of nonviolence as a form of political action and how does it work? Dr Shahrar Ali characterises and assesses what is as much of a legitimate question of our times as it was in his day. He will also explore the question of whether violence can coexist with nonviolence as part of an all-embracing account of political action.
Thu, 7th Sep, 2017
South Asia, Canada, Russia, Finland. A snapshot of four very different areas of the world – each with a significant anniversary this year.  Four specialists discuss a burning issue.  Framed, introduced and Chaired by Dr Subir Sinha (SOAS) with thoughts of South Asia – Gandhi’s truth and the new post-truth...
Thu, 7th Sep, 2017

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The Bertrand Russell Room has a capacity of 35 people, and is perfect for auditions, rehearsals and meetings.

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The Brockway Room has a capacity of 70 people, and is ideal for meetings, lectures, and even exhibitions.

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Mayfair Catering specialises in providing the highest standard of in-house catering for a range of occasions at Conway Hall.

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With a capacity of 400 spread over balcony and floor seating, our Main Hall retains its period features and is internationally renowned for its excellent acoustics.

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Featured Sunday Concerts

monte piano trio
Sunday 8th October

Beethoven Trio in C minor Op. 1 No. 3
Amy Beach Trio Op. 150
Dvořák Trio No. 3 in F minor Op. 65

Sat, 24th Jun, 2017
nous quartet
Sunday 15th October

Boccherini Quartet in D Op. 8 No. 1 G. 165
Verdi String Quartet in E minor
Respighi String Quartet in D minor P.91 (“Ernst ist das Leben heiter ist die Kunst”)

Sat, 24th Jun, 2017

Vivaldi Violin Concerto in D major Op. 3/9 RV230
Ponce Estrellita from Two Canciones Mexicanas
Agustin Barrios Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios

Sat, 24th Jun, 2017

Schubert Movement in B flat for String Trio
Mozart Clarinet Quintet
Brahms Clarinet Quintet

Sat, 24th Jun, 2017

Featured Ethical Record

In 1882 Robert J. Jeffray and Henry Gyles Turner invited Moncure Conway to lecture in Australia. I know only that Jeffray had been a gold miner, but Turner (1831–1920) was a prominent Melbourne citizen and a leading member of the Melbourne Unitarian Church. Moncure discussed the invitation with his wife…

Mon, 5th Dec, 2016

The Ardèche Gorge, in the South of France, is home to some of the most remarkable paintings in the world. They would be worthy of inclusion in any national gallery. But these paintings are in a cave. They have recently been subject to redating by the most sophisticated methods known…

Mon, 5th Dec, 2016

Jeremiads abound on the ‘end’ or the ‘death’ of modern universities. There are claims that they are been severely compromised by ‘neoliberalism’ and social changes and left behind by technological advances. An increasing number of writers believe the university has been transformed turned into ‘safe spaces’, an extended school environment,…

Thu, 24th Nov, 2016

Global anthropogenic CO2 emissions continue their inexorable rise. The science shows that there is the increasing likelihood that the world is heading towards an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe. Yet despite the multitude of research papers, articles, meetings, and political activity dissipated in the last two decades, we seem to be…

Thu, 26th May, 2016